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Rain, Fog, and Floating Down the River

So far, this week has been all about water.  Not only pool water, but mostly water from the sky, and even river water.

We’ve had slow rain, heavy rain, and a cloud burst (> 1.5″ of water in 10 minutes!), as well as mist, fog, and humidity so high my husband feels he should be sprouting mushrooms.  Our garden was flooded but fortunately drained quickly, our lawn was soggy, and the ditches were raging rivers of muddy water from the field beside our house that had become a lake.  With all that and the high temperatures, we’ve been living in a tropical world.

So, what have we done?  We’ve turned on the air-conditioning for my poor dripping husband and started wearing sweaters and fuzzy socks inside.  As much as possible we’ve cooked in our verandah.

And, most special of all, we’ve been floating down the river.  (See the link for last year’s pictures.) Our river is basically at spring flood stage right now, but unlike in the spring, the water is warm.  So we take our life jackets, walk way upstream, and let the current take us home over rocks, rapids, and mini-waterfalls.  Usually at this time of year the water is drying up, but now it is so high we hardly have to worry about bumping into rocks as we float!  So there we lie, drifting peacefully past the blue flag irises and daisies, under cedars, and past swaying grasses.  The dogs run or swim with us, snapping at bubbles as they go.

This annual tradition is becoming an almost daily one.  In fact, we’re hoping to go twice today!

Note:  Whenever I go to the river these days, I have a life jacket and a bathing suit but no camera, so the above picture is from a few weeks ago when the river was high too.  Now, however, the water is brown instead of clear, so we hose off carefully when we get home.  For more pictures of our adventure, see last year’s post Floatin’ Down the River Again (AKA Homeschool Phys Ed).

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  1. JoAnn says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Glad you are having a good time with the rain.

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