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This year we’ve had some real winter weather, and it’s not even Christmas yet! So many wintery things have been happening:

  • We had a snowstorm that prevented local school busses from running…and, yes, our kids still had to do schoolwork.
  • Wind chills have reached -39.
  • On the coldest morning, our metal front door had shrunk so much you could almost see outside through the huge crack, and the wind howled in.
  • Our church service was cancelled last Sunday morning.
  • We’ve shoveled the driveway more this winter than all of last winter.
  • We’re using both the furnace and the woodstove to keep the house warm, and we also need to turn on an electric space heater in our study.
  • We have had two mini-floods in the basement due to cold-weather water-softener issues–fixed now, I hope.
  • Our teens’ catechism classes were cancelled twice.
  • Almost every time I drive I tell my husband how thankful I am for the seat-warmer he gave me last year.
  • The chickens’ heat lamp broke on the coldest night and now we know how to deal with frozen eggs.
  • Yesterday the rooster huddled close to the fixed heat lamp rather than attacking when the girls collected the eggs.
  • We need to check the pantry for frost.
  • Today our girls went sledding down our own hill with a group of new friends.
  • The fireplace is deliciously warm and inviting.
  • Yesterday, we were driving down a winding road in the snow, like being in a living Christmas card, complete with sparkles.

Yes, it’s cold, and there are numerous challenges, but real winter weather is a blessing in many ways.

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