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One Flag for Each Canadian Baby Aborted Every Year

Parliament Buildings and Missing Baby Flags

In every crowd cheering at a hockey game, listening to a concert, or running a marathon, people are missing. Our country is full of empty spaces, and so are our lives.   In fact, in all of Canada, over three million people are missing, nameless, and forgotten.

These people have never laughed or cried or seen the sun shine. They have never smiled or lost a tooth or learned to ride a bike.  They have never voted, never bought their first car, never fallen in love.

Why? Because they were not allowed to live.  They were inconvenient to someone—their mother, or those influencing her.  They were considered disposable, and were therefore disposed of, these helpless little ones, destroyed at one person’s whim for another person’s monetary gain.

They are gone, irrevocably.

Some of the 100, 000 flags, representing 100,000 babies.

Some of the 100,000 flags, representing 100,000 babies.

Today 100,000 flags, pink and blue, flutter on Parliament Hill to commemorate boys and girls who were never born. That’s a huge number, 100,000.  Who can imagine it?

But it takes the abortion industry only one year to snuff out 100,000 Canadian lives.

This morning while the flags were being planted, someone said, “I always knew that 100,000 was a big number. I didn’t know it was THIS big.” But, yes, each time the volunteers thought they were finished, there were more flags, and more, and still even more….

To think that each one of these 100,000 flags represents one baby, each year, is overwhelming.

Flags representing Canadian babies aborted each year

Mike Schouten of We Need a Law wants to make Canadians aware of the sheer magnitude of the tragedy of abortion. He wants our government to realize that we need a law to protect innocent Canadians.  They are not a liability, but our most precious resource.

And our society, riddled with empty spaces where there should be people, is suffering.

Just think, each of those 100,000 vibrant flags represents a unique person, now dead, who could have been your friend, your neighbor, your doctor, or, perhaps, your relative.

There is no greater waste imaginable.

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  1. So thought provoking and sad. As a mom who buried a much wanted baby born still, my heart grieves to see so many flags and know that numbers are climbing.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Oh, that must be so hard! I have several miscarried and stillborn nieces and nephews, but a mother’s pain is thousands of times worse than an aunt’s. God bless you and comfort you, especially as you see so many people rejecting their little ones.

  2. Oh, Annie Kate,
    How tragic the loss. I am deeply touched that the Canadian Parliament would actually allow this poignant display of the truth. We in the US are far worse, but I think that hearts are slowly changing, and maybe, just maybe one day Roe v. Wade will be struck down. I am praying alongside of you that it will.
    Blessings in the Lord!

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Yes, the Canadian Parliament allowed this…but they also allow abortions at all ages before birth. Canadian babies have absolutely no protection until they are completely born. This is a horrible situation, but groups like We Need A Law are doing their best to inform Canadians.

      We’re sharing prayers, Jacqueline! God bless you.

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