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Homeschool Year: Finished!

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We thought it would never, ever happen, but it finally has. As of today Miss 12’s and Miss 15’s school year is finished!

And what next? Pool time. Hanging out. Friends. Staycation. Ice cream. Good books. Music. Nature. Basket balls and badminton. Good food. Camp fires in the back yard. Laughter. Movies. Adventures.

But not only that. Our summer schedule will involve daily reading, writing, and arithmetic, and a smattering of French, music, and art. There will be gardening and yard work and maybe some paid employment. We plan to buy bunnies. The girls hope to sell rhubarb. I want to plan some special summer fun.

There is also work to do.  We need to organize our bookshelves, declutter, clean, patch, paint, and straighten out the flower beds. One joy of not going on a long road trip this year is that we can finally catch up on some of those tasks.

Miss 17 will still be busy with the last few focused weeks of her homeschool career, so there will still be tests to mark, concepts to explain, and learning angst to soothe, but she is such an independent learner. I just need to wrap up her high school records …and begin Miss 15’s. Then comes the fun of planning next year, with only two kids left in our homeschool.

And this summer in bloggy land I hope to finally fix my comments, tweak my blog, catch up on reviews, read, explore ideas, write a lot, and clear my desk and my mind.

Happy summer to all of you, those who have already reached the middle of vacation as well as those who are still longing for the end of school!

Sadly it is still impossible to comment on my blog (and even more problems have shown up behind the scenes).  Currently the only way to comment is to go to Google+ and comment there.  I’m so sorry about that!

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