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Magna Carta, Finishing Grade 12, and More

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Miss 17 has almost completed her homeschool career!  Today she hopes to finish her last course and I will put the last mark onto her transcript.  This completion of so many years of work is the major highlight of this week, but there are others.

Some of us went to see the Magna Carta, the foundation of freedom in English law.  What a thrilling moment it was to see this enormously important document!  We’re reading aloud Daugherty’s Magna Charta which puts it all into perspective.

Because our old vehicles love to spend time with our mechanic and require a lot of gas, and because we will soon have 4 drivers, we bought another car, a little Spark.  It’s cute, drives well, and is so fuel efficient that the savings on gas will most likely match the car payment.

Besides these highlights, our bunny is toilet training herself, we’ve been playing soccer, badminton and Frisbee, we’ve spent time with friends, we are replacing our barn roof, and our beautiful poppies are blooming.

I’m reading:  2 Samuel, Psalms (at mealtimes with the kids), John (at mealtimes with the whole family), Heartbreak Trail (a teen horse story), God did Say (answers from the Bible), and Redeeming Philosophy (wonderfully mind-expanding).

There is much sadness throughout this world, among those we love, and in our personal lives.  Ruth Soukup expressed it so well in ‘When your Heart is Breaking.’  But there is also joy, as in the story of homeschoolers Elijah and Autumn who are, very slowly, experiencing the miracle of progress after their terrible accident this spring.  Through all of life, God is with us, and ‘The Best is Yet to Come.’

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