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Review: On Love’s Gentle Shore by Liz Johnson

Natalie O’Ryan is not who she seems to be, at least not to her fiancé Russell.  When, as a generous surprise to her, Russell books their wedding in her hometown in Prince Edward Island, she realizes that she will not be able to hide her past from him any longer.

Nor will she be able to hide it from herself, because the people from her past—old friends, neighbors, and enemies—remember her.  What is just as distressing, she remembers them:  the busybody who caused her impulsive flight to from the Island, her old friend Justin, the lighthouse that was so often her refuge, and her parents.

When some of the townspeople vindictively put roadblocks in the way of her wedding, the solutions involve Justin and many of the dear people who loved her as a child. Her fiancé Russell, though eager to get to know her past, is called back to Nashville to deal with a work emergency, leaving Natalie to plan their wedding while dealing with a past that keeps on catching up with her.

Russell was just as disappointing as a character as he was as a person; Natalie’s internal turmoil was spelled out much too clearly to preserve the flow of the story; and Justin’s perfection was a bit too much.  Yet this story of hurt and forgiveness, truth and misunderstandings, fear and growth struck a chord in me.  We all need grace, we all misunderstand and are misunderstood, we all have hang-ups and need to face ourselves as well as others.

This poignant Christian novel, though not written as smoothly as some, will bless anyone who thinks about it.

This summer I am reading a lot of Miss 14’s style of books, hoping to be able to enjoy and discuss them together.  Perhaps this will even be an opportunity to compare styles of writing and discuss both literary and biblical standards of excellence.

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