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Review: Frugal Summer Fun with Molly

Almost all of us have a bit of extra family time in the summer and, like Molly, we want to fill it with relaxation and fun, not debt and bills.  That’s what this month’s issue of Molly’s Money-Saving Digest is all about.

From packing a picnic bag to keep in the car—we do a minimal version of this, and it’s a great money saver and memory builder—to delicious, cool recipes, Molly covers many bases this month. 

The “Tips and Tools” feature includes some great activity ideas.  If you have a teen daughter, you’ll want to check out the scavenger party.  A nature study page and a summer wish list (like the fun part of our family’s summer contracts) are included, among other forms.

How would you like to decorate your home and, rather than spend anything, actually save money in your monthly budget?  Check out “Feather Your Nest Frugally.”

“In the Kitchen with Molly” has the usual week’s worth of recipes with shopping lists, but this month the emphasis is on keeping the kitchen cool.  I’m looking forward to the no-bake Cherry Cheesecake, the Slow-Cooker Barbequed Chicken, and the garnished Banana Pudding.  The children will be thrilled to make the Cake in a Cup. Although I’m not sure how easy it will be to make the recipe gluten-free, it’s worth trying.

“Kids’ Corner” has a handful of exciting summer projects, including a low-tech method to make ice cream.  If you feel you must get some formal learning in this summer, you could call the projects experiments. Educational links are included.

This month “Something Old, Something New” once again has a unique method of recycling waste into something beautiful, functional, and fun.  Although I’m not a crafty person, I can appreciate true creativity, and this month’s project is full of that.

July’s feature is entitled “Summer Fun From A to Z.”  As I read through the dozens of ideas, I made a list of things that we’d love to do.  Then I started highlighting the best ones, and before long, the page had lots of yellow!  Some of them were things we’ve always done, but have just forgotten this year:  popsicles, smoothies, pj ice-cream run (yes, I’m getting hungry).  Others are brand new ideas: making an underwater scope, making a solar cooker to bake s’mores, trying Kool-Aid tie dye.  And of course, we aim to go to a concert, some parades, a beach, and more.  Molly’s extensive activity list will help our family build memories without breaking the bank. 

“This Is My Story”—one of my favourite sections of each month’s Digest—highlights a family that has learned to live abundantly despite serious debt, some due to medical expenses.  Shaunna has even taught Abundant Lifestyle workshops to share what she has learned about stewardship from the Scriptures.  She has learned to be thankful even now, when another serious medical problem faces her family.

Of course, summer is not about running our families ragged with activities, even frugal ones.  Molly reminds us, “Down time is so important for everyone.  Don’t feel you need to pack one activity after another into the long, lazy days of summer, but do have a few tricks up your sleeve to redirect and inspire kids when boredom sets in.”

Where to Get It

Check out a 6-page preview of Molly’s July Digest, or order here.   If you enjoy the Digests, you could save a dollar a month and buy a Molly Membership that includes the Digest as well as many other features for only $3.95, cancellable any time.  

Disclosure I received a complimentary download of Molly’s July Money-Saving Digest in order to give you my honest opinion of it.

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