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Fit Mommy Friday


It’s Friday again!  Time seems to rush on so quickly.  I did not do very well with my goals this week, but it was a good week none the less.  Here’s how my journey from fatigue to health is going:

Walk 10,000 steps a day, and take a walk in the evening if necessary to reach that goal…but only if I’m not tired. I averaged about 7000 steps a day, and a few times I needed to take a walk to reach that goal.  It’s been cold here. I discovered that if I don’t go outside much, I do very little walking.  No wonder that each year I’ve started feeling awful in the fall.  On the good side, however, some of that walking was leash training the puppies around the perimeter of our property in the evenings.  Walking puppies is not a leisurely stroll!

Do the physiotherapist’s exercises every day. Most days I did so, and it was great.  I still have a hard time with correct posture while doing the exercises, though. 

Make and eat yoghurt, cut down on watermelon consumption, and avoid other sweets.  All of our ice cream pails have been used for gathering garden produce, and I have not gotten around to bleaching one so that I can make yoghurt.  I have eaten very little watermelon and other fruit, and I avoided all sweets until yesterday when we all had huge pieces of gluten-free black forest cake.  You see, it was too large for our cake saver, so we had to eat a lot, right?  Yum!

Try to figure out why my fingers, wrists, and ankles ache intermittently.  No idea yet, but they are  getting better, so I’m thankful.

Skip no afternoon rests; if I feel very energetic I’ll still lie down but only for a little while.  I slept almost every afternoon, once for three hours!  Sleeping that long in the afternoon is not recommended because it makes for restless sleep at night, but I was so exhausted.  On the whole, though, my rests are now largely confined to the early afternoon.  Sometimes after making supper or grocery shopping I’m very tired, but usually that is partly due to low blood sugar.  Sitting down and eating often brings my energy back.

Fatigue-fighting goals for next week:

  • Walk 8,000 steps a day, and take a walk in the evening if necessary to reach that goal…but only if I’m not tired.
  • Do the physiotherapist’s exercises every day.
  • Bleach one of those pails so I can make yoghurt.  Avoid sweets–except for the rest of that yummy cake of course.
  • Enjoy afternoon rests, and remember to alternate activities so that I never tucker myself out.

If you want some fitness accountability, join Fit Mommy Friday at Got Chai?  As you can tell from my posts, you don’t need to be very active or healthy to participate, although some of the Fit Mommies are.


  1. Laraba says:

    So glad that you continue to work towards good health through eating well, exercising appropriately, and napping. I used to avoid naps like the plague, but realized 9 pregnancies ago that napping was a wise thing for a pregnant mama. I’m looking forward to my nap in about an hour :-).


  2. Jenn 4 Him says:

    Wow, you really have stuck with it! Good for you! To answer your question about Teaching Textbooks. I don’t feel qualified to answer you as my son is just on lesson 3 and we had a rough start with getting an error. That all seems to be OK now. Who knows, he may have done something that made the computer “mad.” So far I like it. It is starting out very slow with review. Before we decided to use TT, I printed off their placement tests and had the kids take them. I also had them go to the website and do several of the practice lessons. They really loved those. And the practice lessons are a good feel for the program. I wish I could get TT for all three. We chose 7th grade and when the others get there they will use it, too.
    Hope that helps a little…

    1. Jenn 4 Him says:

      Oops! I just saw that you were not the friend asking about TT! Sorry!

      1. Annie Kate says:

        That is so funny, Jenn! I’m interested in reading about TT, so it’s all good.

        Annie Kate

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