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Review: Molly Saves in the Garage and Shed

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Recipes.  Helpful links. Colorful pictures.  Frugal solutions.  A positive attitude.  This month’s Money-Saving Digest has them all.   

In “Begin with the Basics” Molly teaches us to make lemonade using real lemons and sugar syrup, passing on two helpful tips for juicing lemons.  She also shares a trick to avoid gritty un-dissolved sugar in the bottom of your glass, although our family simply uses less sugar. Our mint plants are coming up, and the mint recipe looks appealing, too.  Although we don’t use expensive fresh lemons, the recipes will work just as well with reconstituted lemon juice.

This month’s “Forms and Printables” section is full of links to help you organize and equip your garage, and Eleanor Joyce shares more ideas in “Décor and More.”  She ends with three foundational tips: purge first, group like things together, and repurpose what you have on hand. 

When life gets busy, as it invariably does in the spring, I love having a repertoire of quick and healthy meals.  Molly’s “Meal of the Month” fits the bill, and it has enough options that I could serve it every week. 

Our garage-less home is too small to store things while planning a garage sale; besides, we are pleased to support charity thrift stores.  Even so, “Hosting a Garage Sale” made me think wistfully of all the purging we’ve done this winter.  We could have had a garage sale, and Molly’s suggestions would certainly have made it more fun and profitable.

If finances, space limitations, or allergies have prevented you from having a pet, you’ll love the vet’s article this month.  Dr. Rule discusses the special requirements and advantages of some affordable small animals so you can make a wise choice for your family.

This month’s “Tightwad Training Camp” uses an example, assignment, and answer key to teach your children how to fill out a deposit slip.

One thing frugal families have in common is that they acquire tools.  Of course, these tools need to be stored, but traditional pegboard solutions can be expensive.  Sharon White’s father has come up with a practical, thrifty, and attractive solution.

At this time of year, with summer coming, it’s time to think about “Summer Skin Care.”  While proper sunscreen is important, there are frugal approaches to sun protection and Molly shares some of these. 

As for antioxidants, once you know what they are, you’ll want to be sure to get them.  But you do not need to purchase the latest exotic foods or lotions; here, too, frugal choices are possible.

This month Molly reviews and recommends a magazine full of do-it-yourself projects, claiming that it will be sure to save you time and money.

Did you know that the average US family of four throws away $2200 of food every year? With handy tips and helpful links, “Love Your Leftovers” encourages you to minimize waste in your family.  

Stacey Lane inspires with her cheerful, “We’re Debt-Free and You Can Be, Too!”  Despite a modest income her family has become totally debt-free while having fun in the process.  She shares tips for encouragement, fun, and frugality.

Here are my two favorite quotes this month: 

  • “You don’t get anything clean without getting something else dirty.” –Cecil Baxter
  • “One only needs two tools in life:  WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop.” –G.M. Weilacher

You can get Molly Saves in the Garage and Shed here.  Remember, if you sign up for a Molly Membership (you can cancel anytime), you get the Digest and a whole lot more for even less than the Digest by itself.

Disclosure I received a complimentary download of Molly’s May Money-Saving Digest in order to give you my honest opinion of it.

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