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First Day of Spring

Although just a few days ago the snow was still blowing into drifts on our road, spring is officially here!

The trees know that and are sending up sweet sap which some of my friends toilsomely turn into maple syrup.

We know, too, and are almost ready to order our seeds for the summer, dreaming of delicious vegetables, beautiful flowers, and a world that is green instead of white.

Itching to get started, we have already planted some purple kohlrabi sprouts inside for our salads and wraps.

Soon the outside world, too, will be full of sprouting miracles.  But first we need to wait.

We wait, and it seems that nothing is happening.  These short videos of germination show that, behind the scenes, much is going on even when it seems nothing is.  That could be a metaphor for life, as the first chapters of Job show.

But even more happens before a seed visibly germinates.

I recall a graduate course I took decades ago in which we studied what happens at a molecular level at the very beginning of an organism’s life.  The things that go on are nothing short of amazing and the course was one revelation after another.

To my surprise, this was the most religious course I ever took at university.  Every awe-inspiring sequence of molecular events and every incredible miracle was ascribed, reverently, to Evolution.  Every question about mechanisms of cell differentiation was met with the simple statement, “Evolution does that.”

We Bible believers know Who it really is who designed and now upholds all these unimaginably intricate events, and research is unearthing more and more facts that would point an unbiased observer to Him. 

In fact, scientists at the forefront of research in various fields realize that the idea of evolution has serious shortcomings and struggle hard to fit newly discovered facts into their theory.  However, often laypeople and students are just patted on the head and told that, of course, evolution works.  I suspect that evolution popularizers may not even be aware of the research challenges to the ideas they present with such missionary zeal. (See Total Truth for scientific references about lies presented in many textbooks and No Christian Silence on Science for scientific advances that just don’t fit the evolutionary paradigm.)

Be that as it may, after the snow melts, when billions and trillions of seeds sprout around us this spring, think of the miracles going on under the soil. Realize that the wonders happening at a molecular level are even more amazing than the ones you can see on the videos. And then give the glory to God rather than to a faltering, beleaguered theory.

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  1. Yes, miracles all around us this spring!

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Yes, Jenn. We just need to notice them. 🙂

  2. JoAnn says:

    We are looking forward to spring too, though thankfully we haven’t had as much snow this winter. Enough in the mountains to keep the aquifers full, but not much by us. I’m thankful for that. 🙂 Love the picture, so pretty.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Our snow is almost gone now! How about yours?

  3. Robert says:

    Hey Annie,
    You are absolutely right on this. If you can get past the political rhetoric on this, most biologists will tell you evolution is better defined as adaptions which was Darwin’s main point. He speculated that breeds could change because of it but didn’t push that point. It is funny that he was a strong Christian as well. And we still have no evidence that a breed can change from one breed to another despite all this genetic and DNA testing we do today.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Thanks, Rob.
      Yes, organisms obviously adapt to their environments, but there is no evidence that this can lead to the major changes and new genetic information that the theory requires.

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