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Pantry Challenge: What Next?

So, this winter’s pantry challenge is over.  Did we meet our goals?  I think so.  We’ve eaten a lot from our freezers and pantry and have saved money at the stores, all while eating very well. 

And, as I hoped, we’ve also re-developed a family habit of using our food stockpile.  Not that there was much choice when I did not go shopping!

I will go shopping soon, though, for we need tea, celery, gluten-free flours, and, of course, toilet paper.  But I will also try to keep up the habit of eating from our food stores first of all.  It’s a balancing act, like most of life, and I’m thankful for the discipline and reminder of Jessica’s Pantry Challenge.

What’s next?

Well, we’ve been offered the opportunity to buy a quarter beef and now we have room for it. That will be a huge and delicious saving that would not have been possible without the Pantry Challenge.

And, at least until the summer, I plan to continue to enjoy a shoebox’s worth of frozen food every day—meat, fruit, and/or vegetables.  That should ensure that we empty two of our freezers and much of our pantry, ready for the next food-producing season.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to discover what most needs to be done and then to do it.  The Pantry Challenge was January’s big home project.  What’s up for February?  There are two options:  either do a major house cleaning/organizing, or prepare for this summer’s vegetable and flower gardens.

But I won’t delve into either one until I’ve finished my current huge homeschooling project:  Mr. 17’s comprehensive high school records.  Once that’s finished and he’s sent in his application, I hope to focus more on the home front again.

Are you working on a large project?   How is it going?

This project was inspired by Jessica’s Pantry Challenge. and is also linked to Frugal Tuesday Tip, Better Mom Monday, Encourage One Another WednesdayWorks For Me Wednesday , and Raising Homemakers.


  1. JoAnn says:

    So glad it all went well. Getting a quarter of beef is great. Though we can’t always afford it, we did get it one year and it was great.

    No big projects yet, but taxes and curriculum ordering are coming up soon. 🙂

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Taxes and curriculum ordering are big projects for sure!

      Today I hope to calculate how much I saved by doing the pantry project; it won’t pay for 1/4 beef, of course, but it should be several hundred dollars. And if we continue to really focus on the freezer and not worry if we’ll run out of things before the next harvest, we’ll be able to put aside quite a bit more in the next few weeks. In the long run, it should save money.

  2. Briana says:

    You are going to be busy. I need to work on high school records. I’m trying to do them at least year by year so it won’t be such a challenge this time. I’m looking forward to seeing what you choose to work on for February.

    1. Annie Kate says:

      Well, I’ve finally figured February’s goals out, (http://anniekateshomeschoolreviews.com/2013/02/february-goals-for-homeschooling-high-school/)and I’m working hard on it!

      Mr. 17’s homeschool to do list for each week is finished, and Miss 15’s is well under control. The transcript and records are getting farther and farther. Today I organized all he did for Bible. If all that has reached his heart as well as his mind, he is blessed and well-prepared for life.

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